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Mega Scrap Magnet

SGM engineered a new type of lifting magnet for scrap including pig iron, shredded steel, scrap from shear, turnings, plate cuttings, bales of steel sheets and heavy scrap from demolition. By switching from a circular scrap magnet to an SGM Mega Scrap Magnet, the process to handle scrap, either loading or unloading, can be cut to half the time. This lifting magnet has a lifting capacity that is 60-70% higher than the scrap handled by a traditional circular scrap magnet. This is a result from the double magnetic circuit, an SGM Patented design, that allows the scrap to be homogenously distributed over all the magnetic circuit.

Datasheet Mega Scrap Magnet

Electro Lifting Magnets for Billets, Beam Blanks, Bars and Slabs

Specifically engineered for different applications, SGM's Electro Lifting Magnets for Billets, Beam Blanks, Bars and Slabs can provide solutions for different problems that are present when handling these types of materials.

The SGM Electro Lifting Magnets are designed and sized in all their mechanical and electrical aspects in order to offer the proper response to this very demanding application, often characterized by severe mechanical shocks, high duty cycles, and possible high temperatures.

The use of anodized aluminum as an electrical conductor provides the SGM Electromagnets with outstanding heat dissipation capabilities; making them extremely performing for high duty cycle and/or high temperature applications.

Datasheet for Electro Lifting Magnet for Billets, Beam Blanks, Bars and Slabs

Electro Lifting Magnet for Bundles of Rolled Structural Sections and Rebar

The handling of bundles of rolled structural sections and rebar can be a dangerous task as well as a task that in many instances damage the loads since often the use of chains and slings is required. Because of these two reasons, SGM has always worked close with the steel industry to provide solutions that increase efficiency of the handling operations as well as increase safety and reduce damage to bundles of steel structural sections.
Some other benefits include:
• Eliminate the need of spacers between bundle layers.
• Reduce labor required since a single operator can carry out the handling tasks.
• Eliminate the required verification of wear and damage on slings and chains.
• Increase the storage capacity by eliminating the need of walkways between
bundle stacks.
• Reduce handling time by handling up to 6 bundles at a time.
• Reduce the handling time since there is no need to manually attach with slings and chains the bundles.

Datasheet for Electro Lifting Magnet for Structural Bundles
 Datasheet for Electro Lifting Magnet for Bundles of Rolled Structural Sections and Rebar

Electro Lifting Magnet for Hollow Sections

SGM, by working closely with the steel industry, has provided throughout the years different solutions to handle hollow steel sections like steel pipes, circular welded tubes as well as steel tubing either square or rectangular.

The SGM magnets designed for this application are very compact in height thus permitting the overall height of the magnetic system to be kept to a minimum.

At the same time, the SGM electronic control system for feeding and managing the magnets is able to adjust the magnetic force to multiple levels and check the temperature of the magnets. Provisions are also given for controlling motorized telescopic spreader beams as well as communication to integrate the system to an automated system.

Datasheet for Electro Lifting Magnet for Hollow Sections

Electro Lifting Magnet for Horizontal Eye Coils

SGM has engineered an electro lifting magnet suited for all types of coils and weighting up to 45NT:
• Hot Rolled
• Cold Rolled with coating
• Cold Rolled with packing

The SGM magnetic system features an exclusive proprietary safety device (CDMD) specifically developed to monitor the two main critical elements that characterize this application:
1. Possible vertical flexing of the coil turns while lifted in the air by a magnet.
2. Proper contact condition between the magnet polarities and coil, especially in presence of strap closing clips, last turn position of high gauge sheets, and an abnormal packaging thickness.

By using this device, it is possible to detect potential dangerous situations and if the safety factor coefficient is not met, then the crane travel motions will be stopped and the operator must restart the lift.

Datasheet for Electro Lifting Magnet for Eye Horizontal Coils

Electro Lifting Magnet for Steel Plates

With respect to the use of slings, chains, and clamps, the handling of plates with magnets can be carried out by a single operator from the crane cabin or from the ground at a safe distance from the load.

SGM magnet control systems offer the possibility of partially energizing the magnet. This allows for selective pick-up of plate quantities, even with thin gauges. The SGM feathering options on the magnet control system allows for partial release of plates on different stacks (as shown on the video to the right). This provides the operator with an easy way to transport only the required plates, without the need of adding spacers between plates to lift them individually. Once the picking operation is complete, and in order to optimize safety during the transportation phase, 100% full force is automatically generated.

With the use of SGM's lifting magnets, dents or scratches caused by slings or chains are eliminated which also eliminates customers' claims for quality problems.

Datasheet for Electro Lifting Magnet for Steel Plates

Electro Lifting Magnet for Wire Coils

By using an SGM lifting magnet for wire coils, the handling operation can be carried out by a single operator from the crane cabin or by remote control.

This is not possible when using C-hooks as either an additional operator is needed to direct the crane operator on centering the wire coil or the crane operator himself needs to verify the centering operation. This leads to longer handling times and operators will work in close proximity to the load.

The use of an SGM electromagnet results in important reductions of damages to the wire coils when compared to C-hooks as contact is limited to the wire coil upper surface.

Finally, because contact and approach to the coils is only limited to the upper part when using an SGM electromagnet, the storage space is optimized as it is not necessary to leave space between one coil and another, which is required when using C-hooks. A greater quantity of wire coils can be stored and the space on the trucks and wagons can be optimized.

Datasheet for Electro Lifting Magnet for Wire Coils

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